Sl No Name of Beneficiaries School
1 Mr Strenglin Lyngkhoi Domyntong Pres UPS, Nongstoin Block
2 Ms Sinalin Dkhar St Xavier UPS, Nongstoin Block
3 Mr Overlyne Nongsiej Steplangur BBC UPS, Nongstoin Block
4 MS Divinecherish Tympuin BPL Mawphetkhlam, Siejlieh, Nongstoin Block
5 Mr Lambor Lyngdoh Ramsngiwar UPS, Nongstoin Block
6 Mr Starvid Kharbani St John Bosco UPS, Mawkhlam, Nongstoin Block
7 Mr Singlestar Marwein BM Pres UPS, Nongstoin, Nongstoin Block
8 Mr Fomtored Jyndiang Khliehmawlieh UPS, Nongstoin Block
9 Mr Restardonal Khardewsaw Evangel UPS, Nongstoin Block
10 MS Banniewkor Marwein Thomas Jones Secondary School, Pyndengrei, Nongstoin Block
11 MS Maindoris Syiem Nongriat UPS, Mawthadraishan Block
12 MS Wadlynti .L .Kynshi St Dominic Savio Sec School, Kynshi, Mawthadraishan Block
13 Mr Overland Lyngdoh Nuksa Babha UPS, Mawthadraishan Block
14 Mr Hamlet Thyrniang Tiehnongbah RCUP, Mawthadraishan Block
15 Ms Firstborntiful Marngar Lawbyrtun Govt UPS, Mawthadraishan Block
16 Mr Mantu Ahmed Holy Cross UPS,Aradonga, Mawshynrut Block
17 Mr Hamilton Dkhar May Flower UPS, Mawshynrut Block
18 Mr Babul Singh Dkhar Umsohpieng Deficit UPS, Mawshynrut Block
19 MS Siewdor Khardiengan Rev S.Wollington Memorial UPS, Mawshynrut Block
20 Mr Sylvestene.A.Sangma Rangseng UPS, Mawshynrut Block
21 Mr Rickynellindar.L. Nonglait Nonglang UPS, Mairang Block
22 MS Shishalin Lyngdoh Nongkrem UPS, Mairang Block
23 MS Rosabel Marbaniang Sangshong UPS, Mairang Block
24 Mr Dibar Kurbah Sohtyngkhur UPS, Mairang Block
25 MS Momberis Kharsyntiew Rosario RCUPS, Kynrud, Mairang Block
26 Mr Dominic. E.Majaw St Francis RCUP, Laitdombah, Mairang Block
27 MS Aitimary Shabong Lawkynter RCUPS, Mairang Block
28 MS Ansidra . L.Kynshi Shyrwang UPS, Mairang Block
29 Mr Mardon Marbaniang Nongkhah RCUPS, Mairang Block

Notice Board

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Functions of DIET

    • Training And Orientation of target groups
    • Academic And Resources Support to the elementry and education system
    • Action Research & Experimentation