Welcome to District Institute of Education & Training,Nongstoin

DIET Nongstoin located at Nongpyndeng village in west khasi hills district, Nongstoin. It became functional in the year 2004. Presently DIET Nongstoin covered two (2) districts- west khasi hills and south west khasi hills district with six (6) community development blocks. It is the only institute in both the districts imparting training for the pre- service teachers of the two years D.El.Ed course. DIET Nongstoin is expected to provide not only academic support but also educational leadership. DIET is likewise responsible for the conduct of various short term programmes, educational studies and surveys, development and transaction of teacher education, curriculum, assessing planning, advising and meeting overall educational needs and aspiration of the districts.

Notice Board

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Functions of DIET

    • Training And Orientation of target groups
    • Academic And Resources Support to the elementry and education system
    • Action Research & Experimentation