Faculty and Staff

Name Designation
Shri Sikshon Lyngdoh I/c principal & Lecturer in Pol.Sc
Smti Anjela Majaw Lecturer In Khasi
Smti Badarie Warjri Lecturer In Economics
Smti Wandaka Nikhla Lecturer In Chemistry
Smti Badaiar A. Dkhar Lecturer In History
Shri Nismeosis Pariat Lecturer In Physics
Shri Wankyrshan Rymbai Lecturer In Zoology
Shri Loverwell Tham Lecturer In Education SUPW
Shri Borringstill .R. Diengdoh Lecturer In Mathematics
Shri J.M.R. Marak Lecturer In Botany
Smti E.J Laloo Lecturer In English

Notice Board

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Functions of DIET

    • Training And Orientation of target groups
    • Academic And Resources Support to the elementry and education system
    • Action Research & Experimentation