Programme Schedule

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Date & Day Duration Technical Activities Resource Support
28.8.17       Monday               9.30-10 AM Registration   Badaiar.A.Dkhar,(BAD)
10-10.20 AM Inaugural Session & Ice Breaking Session
10.20-10.30AM Tea Break   BAD
10.30AM-12.30 PM     Comprehending Social Science at the Elementary level through Brainstorming- issues, objectives and concepts.
12.30-1.30 PM Lunch Break.
1.35-3 PM   Presentation and Discussion on Learning Outcomes in Social Science BAD&CynthiaMaiong (CM)
2.35-2.50 PM Tea Break  
3-4 PM Audio-Visual Media in Social Science BAD&CM
29.8.17   Tuesday               9.30 -10 AM Reflection CM
10- 11 AM   Coperative Learning in Social Science and Activities   B.Lyngdoh,
11-11.15 AM Tea Break   BL  
11-15AM-12.30 PM   Cooperative Learning in Social Science and Activities …Continue….
12.30-1.30 PM Lunch Break   BAD  
1.30- 2.30 PM   Critical Pedagogy as a learning approach in Social Science
2.30-2.45 Tea Break   CM & Sumarilin Shadap (SS)
2.45-4.30 PM   Debate as a Learning Resource in Social Science and Activity
30.8.17   Wednesday         9.30 -10 AM Reflection SS
10 AM -12.30 PM Experiential Learning and Activity Medarisha. Diengdoh,
11-11.15 AM Tea Break    
12.30-1.30 PM Lunch Break
1.30-3.30 PM Case Study in Learning Social Science. Samaya.Nongtdu,(SN)/ BAD
3.30-3.45 PM Tea Break CM/SS  
3.45-4.30 PM Projects as a learning resource in Social Science
31.8.17   Thursday 9.30 -10 AM Reflection CM
10-11AM   Learning Concept Mapping in Elementary Social Science BAD&CM     Treibor.Mawlong(TM)
11 -11.15AM Tea Break
11-15AM-12.30 PM   Learning Social Science Concepts through Sketching, Drawing and Pictures
  12.30-1.30 PM   Lunch Break       TM/SN
  1.30-2.30 PM       Learning Social Science Concepts through Sketching, Drawing and Pictures Continue….
2.30-2.45 PM Tea Break   BAD& Sir Loverwell.Tham,
2.45-4.30 PM MSIP & PINDICS
1.9.17   Friday 9.30 -10 AM Reflection SN
  10-12.30PM   CCA in Social Science and Activities.   BAD
11 -11.15AM Tea Break.  SN
12.30-1.30 PM Lunch Break.
1.30-3.30 PM   Planning Social Science Learning at the Elementary Level.
3.30-4.00 PM Valedictory Session and Light Refreshment Programme I/C & Resource Persons

Notice Board

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Functions of DIET

    • Training And Orientation of target groups
    • Academic And Resources Support to the elementry and education system
    • Action Research & Experimentation