Programme & Activities

Year Activities
  1. Training Programme for Head of School of UPS of WKH.
  2. Training Programme for UPS of WKH.
  1. Orientation Programme on Guidance and Counselling for DRPs of WKH.
  1. Orientation Programme on CCE.
  2. Content Enrichment & Methodology in Teaching of Math,Science,SST& Language
  3. ECCE Orientations Programme
  4. Development of TLM.
  5. Training Programme on School Management.
  6. Training Programme on Planning & Organizing Teaching Effectiveness.
  1. Disaster management (3 phases).
  2. Training cum Workshop on SUPW
  3. Computer Training
  4. Training cum- Workshops on TLM in Mathematics & Science
  5. ECCE- Training Programme on the use of locally available material for ECCE.
  6. Training Programme on Communication Skills.
  7. Training Programme on Method of Teaching English.
  8. Development of TLM in Mathematics
  9. Training Programme on CCE.
  1. In-Service Training Programme on constructivist approach in teaching-learning Mathematics
  2. In –Service Training Programme for Development of TLM.
  3. Training Programme on Evaluation Technique in Mother Tongue.
  4. Training Programme on content Enrichment.
  5. Training Programme on ECCE.
  6. Training Programme on Content & Computer Training
  7. Language Skills Training Programme
  8. Planning Management Training Programme
  9. Capacity Building Programme in Evaluation in the light of NFC 2005.

Notice Board

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Functions of DIET

    • Training And Orientation of target groups
    • Academic And Resources Support to the elementry and education system
    • Action Research & Experimentation